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Book writing and novel writing software. 5 Minute overview


Weather you are inspired by Frankenstein or by To Kill a Mockingbird , Hamilton or The Great Gatsby NOVELORBOOK is here to help you achieve your goal and finish you Next best seller!

Join NOVELORBOOK $10000 authors competition and submit your novel for the competition before December 1st ,2018 NOVELORBOOK is proud to announce the lunch of their new writing tool and with that the beginning of the writing season. Throughout this year we are giving out monthly iPad, tablets, and other electronic gadgets to motivate our aspiring authors to continue their inspiring writings. Our writers will have a chance at winning NOVELORBOOK $10000 annual authors competition. Start your future best seller book or novel and we will motivate you to finish it. NOVELORBOOK writing platform is the best online books & novels writing tool with an outstanding user interface and features writers only dream off. Some of the amazing features NOVELORBOOK provides for writers and authors are: Unlimited books, chapters, characters, locations, events, ideasCo-author a novel with unlimited number of friendsMultiple versions/drafts for chaptersChapter drafts comparisonFind and Replace words/sentenc…

write a book in 30 days with the best online writing tool


And the Journey begin..!

From our team to you, We welcome you To join us in our journey of making the golden age of writing comes back roaring. Using NOVELORBOOK, the best tool for writing novels and books, we want to keep everything organized for you while you focus on writing and enjoying the creative process of writing your future best sellers.

NOVELORBOOK online writing tool combine the ease of use with an elegant design that allows the author to focus on writing and give her/him an abundance of powerful and cool features that make the writing more intuitive, fun, and engaging.

All of NOVELORBOOK  writers will get a chance to win in the yearlong monthly competitions as well as the annual competition. These prizes are just our way of saying thank you to our subscribers and to encourage them and keep that author fire burning and the cr8ivity juice flowing!

Aspire to inspire